Your Happiness Depends on Watching Less News

Here is why.

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I feel more positive in the morning. That was not the case few years ago.

The biggest change. I reduced my consumption of news.

At breakfast, while you chit chat about family and friends (Facebook and other social network equivalent), a bowl is in front of us, we have choice of our comfort food — cold bowl of cereal or oatmeal in America, a streaming hot bowl of porridge in India (“kanji”) or a ratatouille in France. When we look up — we have a choice of seasoning for the head. The traditional news bastions are far from my comfort zone. Why? It is their economics vs. my positive energy.

Their ad revenues are dependent on viewership (consumption of morning breakfast by many) and sensational news carries the day — see graph, more 1 and 4 segments with 1 usually bigger unfortunately.

In our hearts, we are all aware of it, we sigh when we see and hear the news today- our choices are limited.

Or is it?

Instead of passively consuming the news, I actively seek out something else.

Ryan Holiday has this to say: “While research has shown that visually shocking and upsetting news can contribute to anxiety, sleeping trouble, raise cortisol levels and even trigger PTSD symptoms, a University of Sussex study found that just six minutes reading a book can reduce stress levels up to 68%.”

What I do is simpler than this. I surround myself with positive people physically and digitally. What I love about blogs — smaller time capsules from people I follow on LinkedIn and here on Medium.

It has worked wonders.

Excessive news is overrated. Building thoughtful relationships through positive comments — priceless in positivity.

Whose work do you read for the sheer joy of elevating your positivity?


P.S. In tribute to so many of you whose work I follow.

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