Why You Should Have a Vegas Fund

Money can be fun without being reckless. Otherwise, all work and no play makes Jack a dull human.

Karthik Rajan


Photo by Austin Chan

Everybody has stories. What is yours?

A war veteran can regale us with war time stories. An entrepreneur can enlighten us about his rags to riches saga. A teacher can reminisce about a back bench trouble maker who made it big in life. What is yours?

Most stories are middle of the road peppered with routine. Even investments are middle of the road to buckle the tail vagaries of the market.

A small fund (definition of small is relative to each person) of play money can make outsized personal stories.


Investing in an index fund is prudent for most of us but it’s not a war time equivalent story of a veteran.

Live a life, have some play fund money and enjoy the joys of the ride that is more for memory than for money.

P.S. For the rest of your ‘nonplay’ money — this sequence really helps.

  1. start with an emergency fund
  2. get your employer match on your retirement plan
  3. pay off your high interest, non- tax deductible debt
  4. fund your health savings or IRA.



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