Why The Dog Did Not Bark? And the Myth Around Your Non-Verbal Communication

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As always, Sherlock Holmes deduced that the theft of the horse, Silver Blaze, was not committed by the police suspect.

How did Sherlock come to that conclusion?

Based on something that did not happen.

The guard dog didn’t bark. It has to be an insider job.

We all register what happens. The beauty of Sherlock’s mind is that he registers something that is absent.

There is one exception I found remarkable in all of us — from a small kid to adults.

Here is the build-up.

Words can toss our emotions. It can yoyo from mind-blowing elation at the zenith that slowly oscillates to piercing of the heart. There is a lot of chatter and inane talks in the middle.

In all this, there is a subtext — when the words are spoken in front of us.

We all evaluate the body language. If the words and body are not aligned, instinctively we trust the words that are not spoken.

This has nothing to do with Arther Conan Doyle’s fictional character — Holmes. It is innately inside each one of us.

There is a famous research statistic for this. When verbal words and body language are misaligned — 93% of the weight is given to what the body and non-verbal’s tells us.

The irony in all this — that statistic is tossed around as one compelling reason why body language and non-verbals are more important than words.

Fake it till you become it — acknowledges the malleability of the mind. Be authentic — talks about alignment of body and mind. But none can absolve the power of words.

When you are genuine, when your wholesome whole is all synchronized, what has a bigger sway?

Words or body language?

It is hard to say. Only thing is certain. If you hear the 7% stat thrown around as general truth about the impact of words– remember this video as the counter punch.

Connecting to the authentic you

From Sherlock skills to power of words, what is important? It is important to question disconnects. Disconnects that impact what is close to your heart.

I like the poetry of words. I feel the emotional sway of words. Even more, I love the unsaid interludes.

And I tremendously enjoy a good conversation over a cup of coffee or tea [there is one word for the sentence in my undergrad college lingo — lacha]

What about you?

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From dot connecting to conversations,

Karthik Rajan

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