Why Sheryl Sandberg is a great role model for my young daughters

Power of visuals work wonders with kids.

Snippets of Why

1) Ability to break free at work

Her biggest impact is her ability to grasp the gravitas of symbols. Symbols of influence — subtle, powerful that can change narratives for the better. There could be many through her words.

2) ‘Parent first’ to etch the other parent

By writing the book around her husband, she makes him live long in the memory of the world — for her children to hear. That is a lasting legacy. Permanence of words permeates life — her wise, powerful soul grasps it with dexterity that few of us can envision, let alone feel. And feel she does with conviction that gives vulnerability a new dimension.

Weaving it together

Stories to fuel your mind. Theme: life’s hidden treasures in plain sight. Goal: Warm tone, solid content, crisp stories. About me: one google search away.

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