Why I Write And How Blogging Can Boost Your Career

I have a secret to share.

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Early Days: The Challenge

Encouraged and inspired, I wrote my first few blogs with gusto and sent it to publications like Harvard Business Review (they used to have a separate blog section). My blogs were politely rejected. I was like a college student looking for the first believer who would extend him a credit card.

My mom chipped in, “Son, one advice, do not advise.” Her suggestion was to just share my experiences.

I chuckled when I first read, “If you would not be forgotten, as soon as you are dead and rotten, either write things worth reading, or do things worth the writing.” — ounces of truth by Ben Franklin.

All the cajoling and inspiration were great. Except, I could not make up my mind on what to write. So, I just started writing on an impulse giving my left brain a reprieve. I never imagined “a go with the flow” feel would create awesome experiences. Few below.

1) The Less Obvious: On Content

LinkedIn offered my first “publishing” credit card. Readers like you provided me something even more valuable — lively interactions in the comments section that refined my writing. In Pulse, I found a hybrid between a professional social platform and a publication. The quick feedback loop benefited me immensely in iterating what you found worth reading.

2) The Nuanced: Aha on writing style

When I started, I had implicitly assumed the same qualifier word before “writing style” and topics — professional. As I interacted with you all more, I had an aha moment — my constraint on the writing style was self- induced. You warmly embraced a first person writing style for professional topics — littered with personal experiences.

3) The Unexpected: What blogging could mean for your career

I started to blog for purely personal reasons. G S Seda’s comment in another blog best illustrates #whyIwrite (why I started to write), “It is a given certainty that we see our own worth when it is reflected back to us in the eyes of another loving, caring person.”

“What Apple is for products, a blog is to your career. Both employ a pull strategy — drawing people to what you have to offer.
A resume is a push strategy. Think different by writing.”

The Absolute Best For Last

Family, work and commitments — life can roll by fast. As I wrote, I came to realize that the blogs can do something that I often wait for a better day — share a heartfelt thanks with context. That provided me the drive to write regularly.

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