When the world runs one way, I run other way and sometimes, find gold — 5 golds I found about life.

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1) When many in the world run to catch the early train to work, I like to lay awake in bed for another 10 minutes.

Apparently, I am not the only one. The Olympic champion Michael Phelps, in his words, “before I doze off or immediately after I get up, I can visualize how I want the perfect race to go. I can see the start, the strokes, the walls, the turns, the finish, the strategy, all of it. It’s so vivid that I can see incredible detail, down even to the wake behind me.”

In my life, the mental eye’s power of visualization and planning has worked wonders — superseding all others.

Sometimes, the best life hacks happen when you laze around.

2) Use ‘I’ when ‘You’ is the norm

“I feel distressed” could be the other truth.

The choice to expose which truth was always mine. I chose the latter with great dividends.

Watch the you and I…

“You didn’t explain this point.” became “I didn’t understand this point.”

“You are wrong” became “I have a different perspective.”

“You make me mad” became “I feel unappreciated”

We are all taught not to point a finger at others. Very few of us are coached to use the “I” when it matters.

As a parent, this became a life skill of immense proportion — the bigger you grow, less power you have.

3) When content is king, I like to focus on comfort and context.

What propels select few are genuine words of acknowledgement prefacing counterpoints (I hear you, I see where you are coming from).

Or words of curiosity that showcase a self-belief to learn (why do you say that? help me understand better etc.)

How, what, when, which, where- these questions are implicitly answered by many in their conversations.

I like to first answer the why. The answer to the why gives context. And context has a calming effect on how content is received.

4) When the world looks for mentors, I let them look for me.

“We need to stop telling them, ‘Get a mentor and you will excel,’ Instead we need to tell them, ‘Excel and you will get a mentor.’”

There are ounces of truth based on my experience — success indeed breeds mentors.

5) I believe the mind is susceptible and weak

Pushy salesman are obvious. Marketers are polished.

Distance from enemies is easy to orchestrate. Frenemies?

I take the easy way out — surround myself with positive energy and a preponderance for positive words. That involves choice but I need luck too

I like my mom’s prayer — keep everyone around me happy. I mimic her.

Words from Well Wishers

An engrossing article! You have a way with words and then let the words have others. Great one!

Cheryl Snapp Conner, CEO of SnappConner PR, Creator of Content University™, Forbes and Inc Contributor, Author and Speaker

“Karthik — you need more than a blog. You need to write a book! I love every one of these points. You are a brilliant human being, truly.”

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