When all you get back is blank stares

Have you ever felt your words would not do full justice to your deep thoughts bottled up inside waiting to burst out?

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If yes, you are not alone. And there is a hack. Read on.

I had a predicament in the early days of my career. I was appreciated for deep thinking, the early days gap that I worked hard on —communicating complex ideas simply. The best way to express those early feelings — I always felt comfortable diving into the deep sea, exploring the ocean floor, looking for new flora and fauna — with my will showing no semblance of restraint. True constraint was my oxygen tank. Surging back to the surface, it was a different world, different audience and different expectations. And the most sincere advice I got was “strive to make your listeners feel good about themselves.”

Art of Analogies — Relate and Feel Good.

Those feelings came gushing back and I was nodding my head in agreement when I read the genesis of how the movie Lion King came about. Adam Grant, author of the famous book Give and Take, shares it wonderfully in his later book, Originals. Many Disney executives could not initially connect with the concept of the movie. It was quite a radical departure for their time-tested working formula of Cindrella and other stories. Until someone in the meeting blurted out, It is like Shakespeare’s Hamlet for lions. And the rest is history.

The Aha

There are many books on being a creative thinker that advocate for unshackling all boundaries and thinking like a free bird — the true genesis of a script like Lion King.

Or you can draw them like Steve Jobs– you gather your insight, bottle up your radical steps, keep them aside and explain the insight in relatable ways for the audience. That is one way you become a “conventional original” — unconventional in thought, conventional in communication.


In essence, we humans are simplifiers. We simplify to relate, we dwell deeper when we choose to, at our own pace –if there is something of value to us. And successful originals realize that. Your thoughts make you stand out, your communication make you relate and the secret binding sauce — you — make the listeners feel good about themselves.

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