What Mental Strength Really Looks Like

Are you raising sheepdogs? What I stumbled upon as a parent.

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My assumption was wrong. This is how the story went.

1 and 2 were best pals. 3 [in color green] is jealous. And comes between them. And starts playing with 1. 2 feels left out.

Then I added — “don’t you feel 2 should have looked at 1 instead of 3 when she asked to join the game?”

My older daughter let out a soft “ho.”

Her aha — she sensed the biggest culprit in the flock of numbers is 1.

Look at 3’s eyes, you get more of the expected. Look at 1 in the eye, you give the shy one a nudge to nip the bully.

There is strength in numbers, there is a bigger strength in knowing you are not alone when it matters.

Most importantly, if my daughter was ever in the shoes of 1- she would know what to do. And more importantly, what not to do.

Wisdom of Sheepdogs Among Sheep

Bullies like 3 are a minority in this world. They can create havoc like a few stray wolves attacking a flock of sheep. Many families take pride in training the sheepdogs to guard sheep.

I leave you with this thought

None of our kids are bullies. We equip them with the power of self defence — find the words to stand up for themselves. And deftly handle the bullies. How many of them do we train to be sheepdogs — when the situation warrants it? Softly yet firmly speaking up for others may be a small act.

Inside the smallest of such acts simmers the greatest freedom of a life well led.

One kid. One colleague. One story at a time.

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