We have to overwhelm the world with positive things — the mandate for the internet.

Here is Why

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It was 1998.

Some investor liked the one line idea — “to provide access to the world’s information in one click.” They invested in a company called Googol. They cut the check for Google. And a name changed happened to cash the check and Google was born.

It was mid 2000s.

Facebook mission statement from the dorm room of Harvard — “To give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.”

In 2018, both are spectacularly successful companies.

In 2018, the local government had to curtail Internet Service Providers in pockets of India to curtail mob lynching due to rapid spread through WhatsApp.

Bottom line — the age of internet has seen the pearls and pitfalls. I had the self searching question on the best human purpose of the internet and how you and I can contribute. The deft balance between the openness of communication and the frailties of human ethos.

Here is one thought process.

News — we rarely pay for these days. For ratings urge and advertising dollars, news is borderline sensational and panders to our fears.

Internet services — we pay for it as a subscription. We have a choice. We could overwhelm the world if we choose to — rather than being passive consumers.

This last line in this video resonated — We have to overwhelm the world with positive things.

What do you think?


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