To err is human, to know how others got out of that wormhole — Priceless.

She lost her goat. Rather, somebody stole it from her.

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1. Thinking on your feet is underrated. A comeback kid story.

She lost her goat. Rather, somebody stole it from her.

She was a young village girl in India. Her family entrusted her to guard the grazing goat. One hot afternoon, she dozed off under the shade of the banyan tree.

When she got up, the goat was gone. She rushed back to her village. On the way to the market, she found her goat. One guy was auctioning off her goat.

She rushed in and said, “That is my goat.” He vehemently protested. A crowd gathered around.

She knelt down beside the goat. She closed the goat’s eyes. She asked the thief a question — “in which eye is the goat blind?” In the left eye was his answer. She removed her left hand. He said, “I got confused. It is the other eye.”

She moved her right hand with glee and said, “my goat is not blind in either.”

The thief was blindsided. The mob took care of the rest.

In the grazing grounds, the young girl screwed up by dozing off. She still went home with her goat.

I am a collector of stories — down but not out young girl story is a lingering memory since I was 10.

2. Vulnerability goes miles with a touch of humanity.

Sometime ago, Slack was down. The Professor who made her name around vulnerability had this exchange with Slack.

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By being human — Slack team eked out a positive feel out of a fiasco.

Brene Brown had this to say:

“Sitting here thinking about a twitter exchange with Slack from this morning. When we love a brand because it’s human and it sees us and serves our needs in a human way, we find ourselves in a mutually empathetic relationship. I can count on one hand the brands that I love so much that when they make mistakes or break, my first thought isn’t, “Man, I hate this,” but “Wishing y’all well today — I know it’s hard.”

Be that brand by being that person and building that culture. Be brave, human, open, wholehearted, and lead with empathy. We all just want to be seen.”

3. Learned on my dime- now, go get it

One marketing executive who worked for Lee Iacocca, CEO of Chrysler was nervous when he was called into the office of the big boss.

He presumed he would be given marching orders. He was the poster employee for a multi million dollar failure. Upon entering Lee’s office, the marketing executive said, “I suppose you are going to fire me”.

Iacocca said. “Fire you! We just spent millions educating you”.

Takeaway: Stamps, Money and More

There are stamps and there are misprinted stamps. The misprinted ones make it to the collector’s edition and are worth a fortune.

I like Daniel Fox words , “Have you seen the Tower of Pisa? It wasn’t meant to be crooked. And yet, every year, thousands of people visit the leaning tower to make ‘the’ pose.”

Which leads us to….

“The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.” Elbert Hubbard

Instead find ways to recover.

I am not the smartest guy in the room. I am a collector of stories that help me recover better.

Hope you enjoyed the read. Which story resonated with you?

Karthik Rajan

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