Three Ships Were Near When The Titanic Sank But Only One Ship Turned Up

Sampson (7 miles away), Californian (14 miles away), Carpathia (58 miles away). Only Carpathia turned up. Why?

Karthik Rajan


The year was 1912. The date was April 14th. It was just another day on the maiden voyage of the largest ship of it’s time — the Titanic cruising along the Atlantic. That night the unsinkable ship sank.

The ice hit Titanic at 11.40 PM and the ship broke in two pieces at around 2.20 A. M. SOS messages were sent out in those few crucial hours. Yet, 1200+ passengers met their watery grave.

705 survivors were rescued by a ship that hurried along to reach them.

This ship was actually headed in a southern direction 58 miles away from the Titanic when they heard the distress cries over the radio. The captain of this ship prayed to God for direction, turned the ship around & went full steam ahead through the ice fields. This was the ship that saved the 705 survivors of the Titanic.

What you don’t hear often is about two other ships which could have reached earlier and saved all most all the people.

Sampson was 7 miles away from the Titanic,but because the crew had been hunting seals illegally & didn’t want to be caught, they turned away from the Titanic.

Californian ship was only 14 miles away from the Titanic, but because the conditions weren’t favorable & it was dark, the crew convinced themselves that nothing was happening.

On hindsight, the captain of the ship spent rest of his life trying to clear his name.

Three years after the Titanic sunk, the Californian suffered the same fate.

In 1915, the Californian was sunk in the waters of the Eastern Mediterranean by German submarines during World War I.

Unlike Titanic, the wreckage of the ship was not found,

Any life lessons you can cull out from this historical story?



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