The Intimate Connection to Happiness -Dopamine and Words

What is your measure for happiness?

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As I reflect back, what amazed me the most was how we had to pause and think for positive words — they did not pour out at a pace I had taken for granted.

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In other words, only 1/3 rd of the emotive words are positive! When I saw that, my respect for Abraham Lincoln grew manifold. Here is why.

Beyond Positivity: I connected the dots @ Work

Even for the least arcane acts, I love it when I can imagine it like my own movie scene. It does something inside me — those picture words create a positive buzz.

Chuckle for the Unexpected

What is the science connection?

I researched what was common between the positive words, chuckle words and picture words. It was dopamine.

Bringing it all together: My Metric for Happiness and Success

For my outlook, the success metric for happiness is simple — the measure of the words of those around me — positive in their emotion, curious in their unexpectedness, vivid in their imagination.

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