The Finest Writing Tips From Top Bloggers That Really Work

Is this going to be worth your time? A local ad has a tagline, “I guarantee it.” Tempted to use it with two extra words — “I guarantee it for bloggers.”

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1. One question before every blog — “Could any person write this article?”

2. Best people to follow are the thoughtful commenters

“I’ve found that thoughtful commenters are usually writing quality content, regardless of how many followers or claps they have.”

3. Good old E-mail is the best distributor still

4. “Son, one advice. Don’t advise”

5. “Story unites us all” is something we can innately relate — I loved the way it was said in a memorable way as a mini-story

6. There is no talker’s block in folklore

7. Own your own little red book of Quotes for inspiration

8. Never Explain. Don’t spell everything for the readers.

9. Always listen to what you write.

10. Why do readers share? It may be less to do with your content

11. “Is this going to be worth my time?” A blog title and picture quality check question

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