The Big and Subtle Mistake 90% Of The People Gravitate Towards

Karthik Rajan
4 min readNov 11, 2022

They use retirement and postponement interchangeably.

Holding hands across time at the same time

Early this fall, my younger daughter was out in the patio getting ready for her hair to be braided. I was walking past in the living room and looked out the window.

The sun was rising in the background (school year started earlier that week) and my daughter with her open hair was silhouetting — it was poetic.

And I was thrilled that I paused to notice and pulled up the camera to snap a picture.

That my friends has what writing has done to me. I started to live in the moment, observe the little things in life and actually feel happier than I ever was — all because I moved away from living in my head.

Jerry Seinfeld, the consummate comedian and billionaire, made a show about nothing, based on his observations of the daily quirks of everyday living.

Writing for the last seven years has given me more than 35 thousand followers (across platforms), worldwide connections from my living room and above all changed me for the better.

They say cultivating habits is harder than cooking up a goal. So true. I have cultivated a habit of observing the small things in life and now, I am mentally richer and wiser through the process.

So much of our lives, we live in our minds.

One smart man said well. There is a 100% guarantee you will feel bad due to a bad event — death in family is inevitable.

What you can embrace now is how to live this moment.

I shudder to think that this whole idea was supposed to be a post retirement endeavor when I “retire” from the financial spreadsheets.

In my bucket list, read post retirement endeavor, was to express myself in words. In passing, I may have shared that with my wife. At the right moment, she goaded me to start now rather than later.

She made me realize my implicit blind spot — I was using retirement and postponement interchangeably. I am deeply indebted for that gesture.

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