Oscar Winner, Elephant Whisperers (On Netflix) is Exquisite

Here is why. It was something new for a whole lot of people. Extreme, natural beauty and unusual family dynamics — a couple from Southern India, devoting their lives to care for their baby — an elephant named Raghu.

Karthik Rajan
2 min readMar 13, 2023

I grew up in that part of the country ( the southern part of India) but never that part of the pristine forest with so many animals. The south is indeed beautiful with the (tribal) community and their way of life.

And the human emotions are enthralling. For example, right at the end, the glee with which the young boys of the tribe scrub the elephant and wash him and sometimes ride on his trunk is extremely enriching.

“Without him we’d have nothing.”

The summer of 2016 was torrid. Water was scarce supply. Raghu, a young elephant, and his mom ventured out to the village in search of water. His mom was electrocuted and Raghu was orphaned. The southern Indian state of India, Tamil Nadu, appointed Bomman, a tribal man to take care of mischievous Raghu.

His assigned assistant was Belli— who had lost her husband to the forest tigers and had to bear the burden of burying her…



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