One Super Bowl Ad gave me a new perspective

The ad for mexican avocados stood out.

Ads do a lot of things or rather supposedly do a lot of things. We can rattle off a few. David Ogilvy, known name in ad circles, summed it best “I do not regard advertising as entertainment or an art form, but as a medium of information.” And on the medium of information, this ad gave me a light bulb moment. When someone can reflect our own times and give a perspective you have not considered, the information has something memorable for me. Here is the ad.

I often wonder, with all man’s advancement in transporatation — drones by Amazon, self delivery of packages by google (patent news today)- the airline travel experience has no respite. The space is crammed, fuel prices are low, consolidated airlines have record profits and the semblance of real smiles inside the planes are long gone. Having said all of that, I never had a leap of faith to think about our mode of transportation as 21st century toture device.

Great ad, worth a chuckle (for me) — made me think about my world today from a different perspective. I enjoyed that.

What was your favorite ad and why? Look forward to your comments below.

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