How To Market Yourself Better With An Awesome LinkedIn Profile

Sometimes, narratives work wonders rather than do this and do that for your profile to stand out. The hope is — this is one of those times.

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The Inspiration

I shared this story with my Texas team when we were casually discussing about my upbringing in India versus my children’s experience in Houston. Years rolled by, I got a call from one of the sales guys. We had partnered to get something right for a customer. His first words ,“Oh sum” followed by a long pause. It took me a moment to register and I chuckled. I marveled at his ability to remember and relate small details. Incidentally, he was a top performer — talk about the art of remembering small details giving you an edge. In those small details of thought, I found my inspiration on how to make LinkedIn profiles standout.

When we design our LinkedIn Profile landing page, what we fill is influenced by what we like to share. The following video “Design is in the Details”, a TED talk by Paul Bennett made me rethink that.

“What are the top three items you look for in summary section when you view a LinkedIn profile?” could be a powerful question in its simplicity and its specificity.

In our pursuit of our audience perspectives, we cannot go too far- words of Kurt Vonnegat come to mind as a counter balance:

“If you open a window and make love to the world, so to speak, your story will get pneumonia.”

How do you get your profile just right?

When I look at LinkedIn profiles, I think of salt. Too less, you leave audience wanting for more. Too much, there is awkward politeness during the first meal — rest assured the thought crosses their mind while evaluating the next visit.


Inspired by Paul’s TED talk on being in the shoes of the audience, the analogy for deriving the best LinkedIn profile is best presented by this diagram below.

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