How An American Show About Nothing Changed My Life

Striking a conversation with someone you just met — made easy

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“I almost always have problems when it comes to striking a conversation with people whom I just met. The whole thing gets me nervous like what should I say? Is he/she interested in the same thing as I am?”

Context: An immigrant from India and indoctrination with Seinfeld.

This show had nuggets of cultural wisdom — exaggerated for effect and yet a great canvas to learn the subtlety of daily life’s simple things.

Great Conversations:Who remembers how they start?

Conversation Starter: Beyond Seinfeld

It is truly a tribute to something I genuinely believe in –simple everyday observations. These observations are exaggerated enough to get our attention, so that we can chuckle at our (human) own quirky nuances from our everyday life.

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Takeaway: The Right Tilt

The right tilt of the head signifies four words from utopian wonderland — “Be interested than interesting.” The world becomes clearer and conversation ebb and flow with positive energy.

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