Genius Resume Hacks That Convert

There are some uses for Twitter too.

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Compare and Contrast: Traditional Resume

Below is the most common template within Microsoft Word. Scan it and then close your eyes, assume you are a hiring manager and think through what sections your eye looks for in the first few seconds.

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Twitter Inspired

Now think about Twitter — what is the structure of the string of characters that make it powerful. As Twitter matured, here is the trend of characters I have seen in a tweet. First comes a context/thought with hash tags and then a link to the source for more details. When it comes to the link, there are tools like bitly that can condense the string. Can this eye-catching idea catch on in a traditional resume? Here is a template with my explanation.

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Does it work?

  • If you think Google front page works, there is more white space in this new format beyond the top and bottom margin.
  • It is still closer to the traditional resume on the right side. Yet, it covers two types of audience — one type who wants to know what you bring to the table at a high level and the other who is drawn to the crisp details on the right side. Yet, both types are contextually connected from left to right, like a tweet. Instead of a laundry list of accomplishments, this resume only picks the all-time hits — from verbs to outcomes.
  • The one line tweet at the top forces the resume writer to focus on the essence and yet gives a one line take-away to the hiring manager without the overused adjectives at the top!

Resume Design in Context

Content and conversation are kings, resume design is positively a crown that embellishes the King’s persona. On design, I drew inspiration from elements of Twitter’s phenomenal success: Simplicity, Constraints and Craftsmanship (Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter’s three words).

On content: Feel free to share people reactions as outcomes not just numbers

When it comes to resume content: majority of expert advice talks about sharing results in quantifiable terms, my advice is different. For some examples, Think about it — for every person in a bottom-line role at a company, many are in support roles.

Through Time: Make Your Resume Obsolete To Convert Better

Designing a resume is useful, but needing a resume is a early career problem. As time progresses, your body of work and reputation creates a richer network than a polished resume ever will.

Stories to fuel your mind. Theme: life’s hidden treasures in plain sight. Goal: Warm tone, solid content, crisp stories. About me: one google search away.

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