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  • Paul Speed

    Paul Speed

    Musings about music, mainly.

  • Alexander M. Combstrong

    Alexander M. Combstrong

    Breakthrough therapy advocate/mental health progressive. Psychology fanatic. Actor/screenwriter. Forge, Better Humans, PS I Love You, The Ascent, Mind Cafe

  • Omar Sharaki

    Omar Sharaki

    Software developer, sporadic Medium writer, and guy you wouldn’t mind being seated next to on a plane. Remember those? Find me @OSharaki

  • S M Mamunur Rahman

    S M Mamunur Rahman

    Editor of The Masterpiece

  • Jordan Mendiola

    Jordan Mendiola

    Committed to sharing ideas that lead to more fulfillment in all areas of life. Email: Mendiola1829@gmail.com 🔐 08.18.20

  • Amy Sea

    Amy Sea

    10 X Top Writer. Satire, Humor, Food, and Fashion Top Writer. If you like what you just read, subscribe at Substack https://amy7f9.substack.com/

  • Sean Light

    Sean Light

    Entrepreneur 📈 I’d Like To Teach You How to Find Success in Business 🏀 Former Coach for Lakers 🏈 Awkwardly Big WVU Football Fan

  • Eugenio De Lucchi

    Eugenio De Lucchi

    Eugenio is typing…

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