Children Don’t Listen To You, They Observe You.

It’s pure melody when you connect the dots.

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I am amazed how the best examples come from unforeseen corner of the world glide into our own world/homes.

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His answers are often one liners. During interviews, usually the hosts talk more than him.

I love his music and I listened to his recent interview on youtube.

Recently, on one question, he opened up. I am glad he did. His answer opened up my eyes.

He was asked “What did you learn from Isai Gnani (Tamil musical legend)?”

His answer (in my loosely translated words from Tamil)

Before Isai Gnani’s era, the general perception of a music composer was great talent but loose personal character — from drugs to women. As a young musician, when I worked with him — I saw how Isai Gnani Illayaraja broke that stigma. He worshiped his work and was saintly in his focus. That stuck with me.

Many decades have flown by.

Today, when my manager, Swamidurai or I make a phone call to singer’s home — parents, brothers or husbands answer. They send their wives, sisters or daughters for night recordings without batting an eye lid.

That culture is what I wanted to bring to my musical world. Respect to artist in a safe environment. And it has happened, by the grace of god.

His name is AR. Rehman. He won the Oscar for best musical score — 10 years ago.

Takeaway : from musical studios to offices to your living rooms.

Music moves our souls. Two greatest musicians from Chennai, India changed mindsets. The guru broke the stigma and planted a wonderful habit in the supple mind of his young student. The follower inculcated into his studio culture.

Truly, culture starts at the top. Not in words, but in actions. At home, at work and in a musical paradise.

I leave you with this powerful line:

Children don’t listen to you; they observe you.

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