“We often spend so much time, effort and money trying to find external solutions while overlooking the internal most effective solutions” — Cinthia Bridges

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What happens in a stressful meeting?

Let us look at it like an engineer and have fun with it.

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So, what are we left with in these uncomfortable moments? Air — the invisible medium that is all pervasive and free to take in, that too unlimited amount. Nature’s way of giving- enhanced value for us relative to the cost for nature.

Per scientific research, deep breath is a panacea to the mind. It is ours for taking. Yet , we (most of us) forget. That is one of life’s biggest irony. During our moment of truth, why do we not lean in to soak in the air? Here is our evolution story.

The hardest part of EQ: Self Awareness

The words, Emotional Intelligence invokes images of empathetic, considerate people interacting with others’ — completely attuned to others feelings. That is just part of the story. There is a much harder part within the science of emotional intelligence and it has everything to do with self and nothing to do with others — self awareness of one’s own emotions. With our pace of daily life- it is already difficult to assimilate what we visually see and hear. Being consciously aware of something that is instinctive (breathing) is tough. More so, when emotions are all internal and not physically in front of us. What is a practical solution that can trigger the self awareness that emotions are building up internally? For me, I thank the imagination of a movie director, a doyen of Tamil Cinema. Here is the backdrop.


We live in a world full of beautiful things. The ability to breathe, the ability to walk away and more importantly the ability to be more self-aware during the moments of calling would be a nirvana, that all of us can espouse.
How can we make it happen to bring success in leadership, careers or life in general?

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