As a son of my mother, I am proud on how she raised me — along the lines you echo. Different culture, different times and yet an universal theme. I more so appreciate it now as a father of two girls. Graffitis get etched young and the man box gets filled — it is in hands of thoughtful parents that will shape generations to come.

Alaura Weaver, you ma’am weave a wonderful perspective. You atriculate what is in many parents thoughts but not on digital paper. That transcription is yours and yours alone. Masterfully done.

I hope every parent, world over, reads this blog when their kids are young.

For my part, can I offer you a digital hug?

Keep writing.

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Stories to fuel your mind. Theme: life’s hidden treasures in plain sight. Goal: Warm tone, solid content, crisp stories. About me: one google search away.

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