A Simple Farmer Showcases Marketing Without Knowing the Word

Humility + Persistence > Preaching

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Photo by Jamie Fenn on Unsplash

I was quite puzzled as I had liked his pitch and the cause was noble. The incident stayed in my memory.

He had a new spring in his step, a happiness, and a lot bigger smile.

“What changed?” I asked my father.

“I liked what I saw and then he also showed the master plan for the big temple. It was easy for me to pull out the check book as I always felt good about the temple being rebuilt, just this time, I could sense that the odds of getting it done was good.”

To sell is human, how to market and sell better is a lifelong endeavor and I had the privilege of kick starting it early in life by observing the very best using simplicity at his core.

The man, who introduced me to prototypes (side temple), minimum viable product (side temple) and content marketing (photographs) without ever saying so, was a simple farmer in his trademark white dhoti and shirt.

The start-up business connection

Truly, no date stamps — just evergreen content — just like his paddy fields.

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