A Monk with a Mac: A Love Letter to a Keyboard

This is part of a writing challenge this February — to write a letter to something you love. That is right, something.

I have not done anything like this before — write such a personal letter so publicly. It is creatively exciting and emotionally intimidating. Here we go.

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Dear Mac Keyboard,

I was a contented monk — until I touched you.

Until my fingers caressed you, I was semi-happy with the natural ebb and flow along the curves of thought. All I knew was the feel of fountain pen’s “royal blue” ink pressed on paper.

Through the years we have known each other, you intimately know this. I have a fascination with the word ‘beautiful’ — for things that are beyond the reach of the eye. A beautiful rendition, a beautiful mind, a beautiful simplicity and many more.

One fine morning, a friend of mine asked me in half jest over coffee, “what is your most beautiful tool?”

You flashed in front of me. The wholesome view of my fingers gliding between the alphabets was my first thought. Heck, candidly — only thought.

You were nowhere in sight that moment. Today, I want you to know that. And more.

Life passes by, I do not take enough time to let my near and dear know how their small acts changed me for the better.

That changes today starting with you. Here is my backstory — before you.

Thoughts got bottled up in my mind. I would never orchestrate them out at a pace that my hand could keep up. I often lost rhythm and bundled up thoughts refused to ooze out on paper — the way I dreamt them to. Many a times it was so labor intensive that I lost the fun within the creative streak.

Many writers are gifted. They are at ease with the depth of the press of the typewriter. They are at ease with the clutch like effect of many keyboards. They are at ease with the old fashion charm of writing with a pen.

The medium does not matter for them. I am not one of them.

I was a long time PC user. My siblings whose technology opinion I respect, gently persuaded me to rethink on Mac. My wife who is a party to many such conversations was a quiet observer.

One fine birthday, she surprised me with a gift — a silver color powerhouse named MacBook Air.

I cannot express in words how I felt when I opened that gift and saw you. I still remember that first feather touch silhouetted by the backlight.

All I can say, I felt like Gwen Stefani at the end of this video. Going all out to embrace the emotionally and powerfully unexpected voice.

A great voice does something inside us. You brought mine out seamlessly. My world has become immensely richer after our embrace. Every. Single. Day.

In gratitude — composed through you to you.

You make me better, you make me whole.

Oh beautiful, thank you,

Karthik Rajan.

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I enjoy writing at the intersection of analytics and human relationships. Sometimes, just sometimes — I venture out of my comfort zone. Like today.

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