And why read me?

Why read me?

Because you will feel better, I guarantee it.

Positive words, good thoughts, dot connections that bring out the chuckle inside you — when you are done reading.

P.S. These words are also records for my young daughters to read someday. Words hidden in plain sight.

My All Time Most Viewed Stories

  1. Dopamine and Words — The Intimate Connection to Happiness
  2. What It’s Like to Use Beautiful Words, According to Science
  3. What Makes a Ridiculously Awesome Life? 3 Things. That’s it.
  4. When Math is Mushy and Soft in Real Life

The story I would like many of you to read as it answers- “What is in it for you?”

  1. Please be selfish…

What is your measure for happiness?

“Let us make up our own game,” I shared with my 7-year-old. She was equally animated.

The tiles on the floor gave me an idea. The game was simple (see picture above) — speak aloud a positive word and jump forward.

And the words trickled — good, excellent, fabulous, delighted and more. As we crossed each other, we turned 180 degrees and continued by jumping backwards facing each other. We played the game, back and forth, for a couple of rounds.

Soon, positive words were in short supply and so, we switched to “something…

5 words, That’s it

I am a collector of hidden treasures in plain sight. Words — simple, ordinary words — used slightly differently can uplift our conversations.

1. Something vs. Anything: What I learned from Doctor’s language.

Prof. John Heritage of University of California, Los Angles studied how patients responded to a simple follow-up question, “is there anything else we need to take care of today?” To compare the results, one set of doctors used a small twist, “is there something else we need to take care of today?”

The something option provided statistically significant increase of reporting concerns. You are welcome to dwell into the technical details of the research here.

I discovered…

There are some uses for Twitter too.

Photo by Ishan @seefromthesky

In late 2006, when I first heard about Twitter, I was enamored with the simplicity of the idea of public text message with few characters. The world agreed. The tweets caught on like wild fire. In this day and age of social media, circa 2021, resumes are still around — people still ask for them. What happens if you bring some of the tenets of Twitter into a traditional resume? Can we bridge the gap between attention span of hiring mangers and the candidates wanting to stand out with their resume? …

Family |Life Lessons |Parenting

I badly want to share them with my teenage daughter and I wish I knew them earlier in my life.

Photo by fran hogan

I am venturing into new territory. My oldest daughter is in middle school. When I was her age, I didn’t enjoy being preached. That I remember.

I can’t recall what worried me the most then. So, I did the second best option — I researched what worries most teenagers:

  • Struggle with body image insecurities.
  • Concerns that “Nobody really understands me.”
  • Fear of not pleasing their parents.
  • Fear of not measuring up to their own bar.

Family | Job Search | Parenting

Small Step, Big Leap in Standing Out

Photo by Aleksandra Sapozhnikova

I didn’t know the answer to an interview question — a key technical question.

I still got a first job that paid me $20,000 more than any other offer I had. Those memories came flooding back 20 years later, when my middle school going daughter asked me a simple question — “How would you handle a question from a teacher that you don’t know an answer, especially when you are called out in the class?”

I have a philosophy about advice— advice is free, that’s the best part. …

Inspiration |Cooking |Family Time

You do you. When time is money.

Photo by Watermark Designs

“Mix and match” sits well in front of our wardrobes. What about in the kitchen? other places around the house?

My unusual mix and match improvisation has created ease of use wonders. Hope you try some of them out.

1. Fresh, aromatic cookies in a waffle maker. Second best thing after taste is the portion control.

Portion control is a thing. Doesn’t work in most households.

So, I rejoice when an ice cream truck lumbers along near my driveway. A home office overlooking the road has some merits during these covid times. There is something about bringing out the excited kid inside you along with your own kids! Some business for a local business is a great…

“Tell me who the comedians you like, I will tell you more about you.”

Photo by Bigotes de Gato (CC BY-SA 2.0)

People say Jim Carrey is crazy, I say he is nearly perfect.

Simply put, a comedian is a philosopher who refuses to bore you.

Jim Carrey and the $10-million check he wrote for himself when he was poor

I heard of this story: A student always wanted to study at Wharton and get an MBA. So, he made a trip to Philadelphia, took a picture in front of Wharton and kept it in front of his computer from his high school days. He did not know how exactly, but he did it — he graduated from Wharton with an MBA.

Way before this student, there was Jim Carrey. He had no pedigree. All he…

A true COVID time classic — data insights from the Harry Potter books opened the flood gates

Design by Karthik Rajan

A Son’s Guilt and A Mother’s Effort

My mom had a predicament — her bonding with her grand kids were curtailed. The problem — my kids were fluent in English, my mom in Tamil (my mother tongue).

Through the years, she was shoring up her English. She often joked, “It’s a work in progress.”

And COVID hit, it amplified her bonding problem. I live in Houston, TX. She lives in India with a visit nowhere in sight — yet. …

Dollops of what works from common people — not glossy magazines

Photo by Watermark Designs

This is real. This is personal. I adore food, I am perpetually looking for ways to reduce weight. By trial and error, this works for me. May or may not work for you. With that caveat, here is my story.

If you walk for solid 60 minutes, you burn equal to 2 Indian rotis ( 2 tortillas). You can consume the same in less than 2 minutes. The math is loaded against us in the world of easy food.

Exercise is good. Looking at weight loss as a math problem is even more significant. …

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