And why read me?

Why read me?

Because you will feel better, I guarantee it.

Positive words, good thoughts, dot connections that bring out the chuckle inside you — when you are done reading.

P.S. These words are also records for my young daughters to read someday. Words hidden in plain sight.

Karthik Rajan is the author of the “connect the dots” short story-letter, available at this link.

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What is your measure for happiness?

“Let us make up our own game,” I shared with my 7-year-old. She was equally animated.

The tiles on the floor gave me an idea. The game was simple (see picture above) — speak aloud a positive word and jump forward.

And the words trickled — good, excellent, fabulous, delighted and more. As we crossed each other, we turned 180 degrees and continued by jumping backwards facing each other. We played the game, back and forth, for a couple of rounds.

Soon, positive words were in short supply and so, we switched to “something…

5 words, That’s it

I am a collector of hidden treasures in plain sight. Words — simple, ordinary words — used slightly differently can uplift our conversations.

1. Something vs. Anything: What I learned from Doctor’s language.

Prof. John Heritage of University of California, Los Angles studied how patients responded to a simple follow-up question, “is there anything else we need to take care of today?” To compare the results, one set of doctors used a small twist, “is there something else we need to take care of today?”

The something option provided statistically significant increase of reporting concerns. You are welcome to dwell into the technical details of the research here.

I discovered…

With age comes wisdom, sort of….

Photo by Ishan @seefromthesky

Every relationship is different. Having said that, I am surprised that these five didn’t make headlines until now.

Caveat: What works for me, may or may not work for you. On the other hand, I have a belief — sharing experiences can benefit someone, somewhere, sometime.

1. Living together is about understanding the idea of vertical and horizontal space first

There are somethings that catch our attention every time but it’s oblivious to our partners.

For some it’s white noise, for others it’s the squeeky sound of chalk on a blackboard. Inside our home, it could be open cupboard, clothes/toys on the floor and many more.

There is a physical dimensions to it that…

Once upon a time, I was afraid to share my thoughts. Now — 10,000 Hours Read, 10+Million Views.

A smiling author like figure for a successful blogging performance
A smiling author like figure for a successful blogging performance
Photo by abdullah ali

Writing was the less difficult part. Getting started was. I read somewhere — the most common form of giving up is never getting started.

I am glad I had a start when I did.

How did I go from thoughts in my head to useful insights to others? I like deconstructing puzzles. Here is what I learned on facets that are rarely talked about.

1. Knowing the grade level you write. Being intentional.

I love words. But I can’t let them come in the way of sharing a thought. So, before I write a blog, I am intentional on the grade level I plan to write. For example, I…

Inspiration | Life Lessons | Useful

A nourishing promise of what’s in it for your mind — the convenience like fast food with the healthiness of home cooked meal.

Photo by Huy Nguyen

Meta of books can be a blog.

What I like about books: My favorite thing about reading books is that you can soak up in two hours what took the authors at least two years to digest and distill.

What I like about blogs: My favorite thing about good blogs is that you can soak up in 5 minutes what took some readers like me multiple days to read books.

I want to go one step further. Bring out a tidbit for each book that is either relatable or memorable.

1. Going from zero to one is way different than going from one to two.

Myth Busting Book: Zero to One by Peter Theil, founder Paypal & contrarian billionaire.

Tidbit I can…

The one who marries the self-assured one.

I have a theory. More self assured your partner is, more lucky you are in life. You can be yourself more. That counts for something.

People fall for jerks because they have low self-esteem. They don’t think they deserve better. On the flip side, self assured people do better — much better.

They implicitly understand this: To be a professional model on a magazine cover — you need a perfectly toned body. To get a lifetime with a spouse of your dream — you need to be more thoughtful than the good-looking person in the next table.

And therein lies…

Because extraordinary stories are lapped by kids (and the kid inside us).

Photo by Dylan Ferreira

I hate being preached. I enjoy stories.

What is true for me is true for my two daughters.

The challenge — the world is filled with stories, which ones to bubble to the top? The ones that matter.

Story 1

A monkey and a crocodile were thick friends. One day, the crocodile invited him home on the other side of river for a feast. The trusting monkey traveled on his back.

Halfway through, crocodile opened up, “I like you a lot, my friend. But my wife wants to eat your heart and I need to drown you.”

The quick-witted monkey replied, “Oh…

Food | Parenting| Family

Cutting is a chore you want to speed up. Here’s how (along with dollops of parenting around food).

Photo by Jason Briscoe

I am a dad first and a cook second. And the distance between one and two is quite wide.

I enjoy a wholesome cooked meal. Somehow, almost all of the cooking shows miss the obvious.

While we do appreciate the wholesomeness of home cooked food — fast food is convenient for a reason.

It takes effort to prep the food before the fancy, cooking stuff. My goal has always been to fuse the best of both worlds. The speed and convenience of fast food and the healthiness of home cooked food.

Speed and convenience starts with prepping food in easier…

Givers, Takers, The Smart Ones and The Super Smart Ones. I wish I knew earlier — great parents fall into the last category.

Photo by Jordan M. Lomibao

When I was young, I thought I needed to achieve.

When I was young, I was taught to be nice to others.

What I needed all along was to connect.

Why did all this come flooding back? I was recently watching something interesting on TV tidbits. Apparently, with COVID cases on the decline in the US, sales of hand sanitizer and comfortable sweat pants are on the decline. On the other hand- lip gloss, beard grooming kits and teeth whitening strips are on the increase.

I chuckled — left to ourselves, cocooned in our homes, we often prioritize being comfortable…

Karthik Rajan

Stories to fuel your mind. Theme: life’s hidden treasures in plain sight. Goal: Warm tone, solid content, crisp stories. About me: one google search away.

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