And why read me?

Why read me?

Because you will feel better, I guarantee it.

Positive words, good thoughts, dot connections that bring out the chuckle inside you — when you are done reading.

P.S. These words are also records for my young daughters to read someday. Words hidden in plain sight.

My All Time Most Viewed Stories

The story I would like many of you to read as it answers- “What is in it for you?”

What is your measure for happiness?

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“Let us make up our own game,” I shared with my 7-year-old. She was equally animated.

The tiles on the floor gave me an idea. The game was simple (see picture above) — speak aloud a positive word and jump forward.

And the words trickled — good, excellent, fabulous, delighted and more. As we crossed each other, we turned 180 degrees and continued by jumping backwards facing each other. We played the game, back and forth, for a couple of rounds.

Soon, positive words were in short supply and so, we switched to “something…

5 words, That’s it

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I am a collector of hidden treasures in plain sight. Words — simple, ordinary words — used slightly differently can uplift our conversations.

1. Something vs. Anything: What I learned from Doctor’s language.

Prof. John Heritage of University of California, Los Angles studied how patients responded to a simple follow-up question, “is there anything else we need to take care of today?” To compare the results, one set of doctors used a small twist, “is there something else we need to take care of today?”

The something option provided statistically significant increase of reporting concerns. You are welcome to dwell into the technical details of the research here.

I discovered…

Family | Power Outage | Texas

To crib or laugh it off is a choice. My choice is latter.

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Photo by Enrique Macias

Late last week, the weather forecast was ominous — Alaskan cold in Texas that could last 5 days. My wife asked me in all seriousness, “will we be ok?”

I was confident. We have a diversified fuel for home. We had gas for cooking balanced by electricity for rest. We double checked the stove. Charged our battery devices and backup batteries.

Cold icy days [interspersed with snow] arrived as expected, we lost electricity in the night. Torches worked. The house was still warm in the morning. Felt a morning tea/coffee would be nice.

Natural gas was available. Great. The default…

No, I am not talking about paying for college.

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Photo by Jude Beck

As parents, most of us want to be better than our parents. I feel different, I want to be a useful parent.

Raising children is not my aim. Nurturing them is.

Helping them is not in my radar. Empowering them is.

I do not plan to go out of their way when they turn 18 nor do I plan to micromanage their life before they are 18.

My 6th grade daughter knows one rule — if she has a tough homework question, I wouldn’t solve it but I will work with her to edit her first answer proposal. She always…

Writing| Blogging | Truth Serum | Data Analysis & Insights

Well I’m Beginning To See The Light.

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Can the rich reservoir of data lead the way on what truly works on Medium?

January 2021 was one of the spectacular months on Medium — my view count shot up with 24 hours of viewing time. A viral post in a truly meaningful sense. That motivated me to look back on Medium as a writing platform on four metrics — one obvious starter metric, two more evolved metrics, and finally what really works metric. The insights are based on the rich tapestry of my data.


Make you great again.

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A young man, about 22 years old, with wavy black hair and a thousand watt smile walked towards me to shake hands after one of my presentations. I politely thanked him back and asked if he often attends the community initiatives for invited speakers. He said, “Yes, even last week, we had an interesting discussion when the moderator divided the audience into two groups -youngsters and elders and then asked each group to discuss a topic of importance.” Without losing his smile, tongue in cheek, he added, “the youngsters talked about wealth while the elders talked about health.”

His casual…

Leadership| Inspiration |Life is like that

When Boring is Beautiful

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Seattle City Council from Seattle, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Jeff Bezos had this to say on his last day as CEO of Amazon.

“If you do it right, a few years after a surprising invention, the new thing has become normal. People yawn. Yawn is the greatest compliment an inventor can receive. When you look at our financial results, what you’re actually seeing are the long-run cumulative results of invention.”

His contemporary, Elon Musk, named one of his companies — boring company.

There is something beautiful about the boring yawn. Here are some yawns that Jeff Bezos rattles off.

“We pioneered customer reviews, 1-Click, personalized recommendations, Prime’s insanely-fast shipping…

Food | Parenting | Family

Quick, easy and tasty (and dollops of parenting around food).

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My kids and me are blessed.

One thing that is common between my wife and my mom — both are great mothers. They have one thing fundamentally in common — they are mega efficient planners. They habitually soak their food and ferment it ahead. My grand dad who lived until he was 104 swore by fermented food.

Unfortunately, I waffle my way to the pantry when I am hungry and want something soon. Like most of us, I like to whip things up when needed. I wished I had known these 11 hacks earlier in life.

1. Insanely tasty pasta sauce, hailed as world’s best, is only 3 ingredients in one pan.

Personal story: You watch…

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Photo by B K

Choice: Only thing you have to do is die. Everything else is a choice. Say it aloud. That’s liberating.

4. “It matters not what someone is born, but what they…

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