5 ‘Amazing’ Reads with My Why

When curation is one step away.

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My why: Entertaining — food for conversation; Insightful — fertilizer for the brain; Inspiring — the positive vibe that is in short supply. All together — a morning mojo for the days ahead.

Here are my 5 from some great writers on Medium that I came across recently.

  1. Jonielle Dedman did something amazing in this blog. She checked all the 3 circles. Relatable experiences, insights about what ticks in a husband- wife duo and above all inspiring me to be a better giver with her why.

2. When the norm is to run one way, I always like to explore the run in the other direction- “What happens if the opposite is true?”

Very rarely you get a real good example that makes it to the morning coffee table discussion with your family. This one from Zander Nethercutt did. The contrarian insight from World War II data was inspiring for the geek inside me.

3. I have to thank Medium Staff, Brooks Rocco for leading to me this amazing blog. Tom Kuegler makes excellent points for fellow writers. He stands out on Point 3 — “Write About The Right Subject Matter” when he contextualizes it for Medium platform.

4. “A single sentence has a lot of power.” — Twitter success is a testament to that. How can we bring that into our own business narrative? Matthew E. May does a fine job of giving us that one line and some examples to boot.

Thank you Vico Biscotti for leading me to connect with Matthew and his content on this platform. I did not know he was here.

5. This blog from Jennifer Sartore Hulst is an amazing winner all the way. She wrote the whole experience from her son’s perspective. Had a punch on the last line too. This blog left a lingering inspiration. If writing fascinates you — this blog is worthy of your bookmark.

In all this, if you are wondering why I like to explore the run in the other direction — here is my context. A big high for me was when amazing DHH was kind enough to give it a read and let me know.

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