3 Weeks I Stayed In Different Airbnbs With My Family. 10 Things I Learned From This Experience

Karthik Rajan
5 min readSep 1, 2023
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There is something about travel that is both exciting and intimidating at the same time. This summer I was in a pickle.

I was traveling through Europe and Canada with family and my wife and I were sandwiched between two generations — elders and my kids .

One must have was a kitchen everywhere. Airbnb offered that choice but I was nervous. Why?

What happens if a host cancels on me while I was in international waters & land? That would be a hassle when traveling with family.

Thankfully that did not happen. I am grateful for that.

10+ homes in 3 weeks teaches you what you can do better next time. And the unexpected goodness, I was surprised by.

First the unexpected goodness.

1. Walking inside an Airbnb home, first time, is like a treasure hunt

Hotel rooms are so predictable. You go to the front desk, sign in and get your room cards and ask for directions to the at elevator and you are in your room. The layouts are more or less the same.

At the mom and pop championed Airbnb, each home was like a box of chocolate, you just did not know what the next turn would lead you.

In fact, every entry was borderline funny — as a family we got into each Airbnb and each one of us went exploring the house — getting the lay of the land. Somebody would say — looks like the restroom is here, kitchen is spacious — well stocked etc..

As a family, we fell into a pattern without realizing it. We became home explorers eagerly awaiting the next jig saw puzzle to map out.

2. Every small touch of the host was different

I am big on continuous improvement in all spheres of life. How is today a little better than yesterday. And I never in a million years would have thought that exploring the small touches in other people’s second homes would open up my own vistas on how to elevate my own life.

I chuckled when I got back home. I saw an Amazon prime box at our door step after…



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