11 ‘Wonderful’ Reads with My Why

When curation is one step away.

My why: Entertaining — food for conversation; Insightful — fertilizer for the brain; Inspiring — the positive vibe that is in short supply. All together — a morning mojo for the days ahead.

  1. Have you ever been inspired to call out the elephant in the room in a entertaining way? Mohit Priyadarshi leads the way on a conversation between a marketer and writer. Fun read where I laughed at quite a few places — the one around spaces stand out.

2. Talking about ‘how IQ is overrated’ is a faded topic. Jessica Wildfire gives it a wild, faded jeans aura in an entertaining way — in her signature writing style that amplifies her voice and message.

3. This is meta — I am curating a curation of awesome writers that John P. Weiss finds amazing. He adds his signature warmth that reflects his own words — “If you want to light the way for others with your writing, do more of this. Find the truths that others have to share. Illuminate their successful practices, habits and pathways to excellence.”

4. David Kadavy does something interesting. His insight is the title. In a world that naturally pontificates— I found his advice raw, honestly authentic and in many ways — inspiring. “Take Your Own Advice” (TYOA) is another one added to my acronyms. I believe my kids would appreciate this -if I implement it before advising them.

5. If you want to read a story about one central character [a pond] that lingers with you long after you have moved on — this is it. Blake Gossard pours the creative juices from his heart and this diamond in the rough article is entertaining for sure.

6. The title says it all. Well written, insightful and entertaining read works for the curious kind. You are forewarned — this is 18 min read. Lisa Renee makes it worthwhile.

7. Jake Lord lords over this wonderful woven monk parable that you feel compelled to read all the way. It is entertaining and inspirational with a neat message.

8. “If you listen intently to those who predate you, you can avoid their costly mistakes.” my grandfather’s wise words that cajole me to keep my mind open. This read from Reece Robertson is contrarian and true. Vico Biscotti whose words I respect adds this — “Oh, yes, there are definitely many tips I would have wanted to know months ago, on web publishing.”

9. “In that sea of houses, I was completely and utterly alone.” Nicole Sallak Anderson makes a wonderful case for a factor we do not usually place the finger on — nuclear families.

Pauline Harley’s comment lead me to this blog — thank you.

10. The blog that made me sit up and acknowledge reality. Inspiring and insightful. Josh Spector’s words — “The truth is you hate self-promotion because you don’t believe the work you do provides value to people.” will stay with me forever.

11. This was my comment in this blog, “Hilarious with serious undercurrent. The ability to laugh at ourselves is the best gift. You have it in troves Roy Schlegel You made me laugh out loud.”

Bonus from my end: I invite you into my home through this digital peep - I share what my 9 and 4 year old daughters told me that I needed to hear but did not see -for the first time [it is at the end of the blog]

Possibly the hardest to share with the world — nothing earth shattering but difficult.

Thank you for your read.

Karthik Rajan

None of the 11 writers I know personally. I stumbled upon their work and it has been a joy- ever since.

Stories to fuel your mind. Theme: life’s hidden treasures in plain sight. Goal: Warm tone, solid content, crisp stories. About me: one google search away.

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