10 Powerful Questions With 10 Practical Answers

Short is sweet

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Ability to listen and be fully present

The top book on Amazon by review and rating in an area you believe you need help on.

Talk to elders at the cusp of life.

Live within your means.

Ability to summarize what the other person is saying.

My writing hobby

How to self promote

Lady at the front desk. Being respectful to other humans wherever they sit. What goes around, comes around.

Educating yourself.

A miraculous opportunity only one in a billion egg inside your mom’s womb gets an opportunity. Happy is subjective. Look inward and not outward.

There could be 1000 good reasons on my why for each answer. That is less important, the more important one is how I got those questions. Darius Foroux answered them for his readers. I framed my answers before I looked at his answers. I liked his answer for question 6 - regret for starting something late.


I never thought of everything you do in life as investing. Working out, reading, taking classes, spending time with people who matter to you — it’s all investing because these activities have a return.”

By investing my time in reading his answers— I learned a new perspective. Hope you did too.

Go ahead answer these questions. Interested in your answers.

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