10 Beautiful Ways to Waste Your Time, According to Experts

Are they really a waste? What is your opinion?

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Attention vs. Time.

1. When you say, “You don’t have time,” You are actually saying, “You don’t have attention.” And there is a world of difference in that nuance.

2. Thoughts consume a lot of your “attention” and control your life. 99% of all thoughts are useless. What kind of thoughts are most useful?

3. Best magic words –“I love you, but I can’t give you my focus right now.”

Learning vs. Time

4. “You have to spend more time learning outside of class, than you do in class.”

5. When convention for personal development is usually around “when I have free time.” The flip pays rich dividends. Plan your day around yourself — your personal development.

Habits Hacks vs. Time

6. “If you can do something in 2 minutes or less, go ahead and do it now.”

7. Best time to check email is neither morning nor night. It is in the afternoon.

8. Make life predictable on things that do not matter to you — for e.g. choice of outfit

9. Best question before tasks — “What would happen if this were not done at all?”

Making money vs. Spending time

10. Correlation between time spent and money made is not linear.

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